FIU-RCMI Vaccine Literacy Townhall Supplement

The FIU-RCMI Townhall supplement’s aims are to conduct Townhalls to provide COVID-19 education and information, answer questions, and debunk myths about COVID-19 vaccines. The Townhalls are 1 hour each and are in partnership with various community organizations, whose representatives serve on the Townhall panel alongside FIU medical experts and epidemiologist. The Townhalls are held in English, Spanish, and Creole and all are in virtual format.

The FIU-RCMI Townhall supplement is aimed at increasing:

  1. knowledge of the risks and benefits of COVID-19 vaccine trials and vaccines;
  2. knowledge of the scientific process and vaccine safety and efficacy;
  3. confidence about participating in vaccine trials;
  4. trust in receiving the approved vaccines; and
  5. readiness to participate in vaccine trials and approved vaccines.

We assess pre to post change in the above 5 points by conducting surveys before and after the townhalls, as well as doing informal townhall polls during the townhall. All questions are welcomed and an FAQ documents serves to be able to answer questions quickly and correctly.

The project is a supplement to the RCMI, which is funded by the NIMHD (U54MD012393).

Principal Investigators:

  • Eric Wagner, Ph.D. Adriana Campa, Ph.D., MBA (former)


  • Michelle Hospital, Ph.D.
  • Staci Leon Morris, Psy.D.
  • Nana Aisha Garba, MD, Ph.D., MPH
  • Mary Jo Trepka, MD, MPH
  • Melissa Howard, Ph.D., MPH

Program Coordinator:

News Articles and Websites: