Validation of the Teen Addiction Severity Index (T-ASI): Preliminary findings

Validation of the Teen Addiction severity Index (T-ASI)Abstract: The Teen Addiction Severity Index (T-ASI) is a semistructured interview that was developed to fill the need for a reliable, valid, and standardized instrument for periodic evaluation of adolescent substance abuse. A preliminary study indicated good clinical utility and satisfactory interrater reliability. This study had three objectives: 1) to determine whether the T-ASI discriminated between hospitalized psychiatric patients with and without comorbid psychoactive substance use disorders (PSUD); 2) to determine whether T-ASI scores were related to other indices of problem behavior; and, 3) to determine whether there was any specificity in the ratings of different domains of the instrument when compared with other criteria. The results of the study provide support for the good psychometric properties of the T-ASI.

Kaminer, Y., Wagner, E.F., Plummer, B., & Seifer, R. (1993). Validation of the Teen Addiction Severity Index (T-ASI): Preliminary findings. American Journal on Addictions, 2(3), 250-254. doi: 10.3109/10550499309113946