Smoking among teenage girls

Smoking Among Teenage GirlsAbstract: The current paper reviews the existing literature about smoking among teenage girls. We begin with a summary of recent epidemiological data concerning gender differences in the rates of various smoking behaviors among adolescents. We next focus on how gender may influence smoking initiation, maintenance, and cessation among adolescents. Specifically, we examine weight control motives, social influences, mood management motives, and image-related motives as particularly important factors in teenage girls’ smoking. We then offer a brief review of some of the more popular adolescent smoking interventions. We conclude the paper with recommendations for ways in which the effectiveness of smoking prevention and intervention programs for girls may be improved.

Wagner, E.F., & Atkins, J.H. (2000). Smoking among teenage girls. Journal of Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse9(4), 93. doi:10.1300/J029v09n04_06