Practical and methodological challenges in validating community-based interventions

Practical and Methodological Challenges in Validating Community-Based InterventionsAbstract: Practical and methodological challenges in conducting research on community-based interventions for adolescent problems are described. First, a conceptual framework for the development of community-based interventions is provided, with an emphasis on the ecological and commonweal advantages of such interventions. Next, important issues that investigators confront when pursuing the dual goals of providing good community-based intervention and conducting rigorous intervention research are addressed. These issues include research design, intervention specification and integrity, participant concerns, changing clinical culture, community challenges, school challenges, and appropriate staffing. Finally, a summary of challenges to conducting good community-based intervention research and effective responses to these challenges is presented.

Wagner, E.F., Swenson, C.C., & Henggeler, S.W. (2000). Practical and methodological challenges in validating community-based interventions. Children’s Services: Social Policy, Research & Practice3(4), 211-231. doi:10.1207/S15326918CS0304_2