Iatrogenic effects of group treatments on adolescents with conduct and substance use problems: A review of the literature and a presentation of a model

Abstract: Group therapy is the most popular approach in the treatment of adolescent substance use problems. Recently, concerns have mounted about possible iatrogenic effects of group therapy based on studies on adolescents with conduct disorder. This paper reviews three possible contributors to response to group treatment among adolescents, and proposes a model of the relations among these variables, specifically in regard to how they independently and interactively contribute to outcomes among youth with conduct and substance use problems.

Macgowan, M.J., & Wagner, E.F. (2005). Iatrogenic effects of group treatment on adolescents with conduct and substance use problems. Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work, 2(1-2), 79-90. doi:10.1300/j394v02n01_05