Lesbians over 60: Newer every day

Lesbians Over 60: Newer Every DayAbstract: An overview of current research on older lesbians is provided in this chapter drawing primarily from the research carried out in the USA. Topics include: (a) the “visibility” of older lesbians; (b) theories of lifespan development; (c) research on older lesbians; and (d) the impact of social contexts on lesbians over 60, such as personal relationships, minority stress and resilience, and race, ethnicity, and social class. In addition, the status of lesbian rights in other parts of the world and its impact on older lesbians is reviewed. Directions for future research on older lesbians are also explored.

Rose, S.M. & Hospital, M.M. (2015). Lesbians over 60: Newer every day. In V. Muhlbauer, J.C. Chrisler, & F.L. Denmark (Eds.). Women and Aging: An international, intersectional power perspective (pp. 117- 146}. New York: Springer International Publishing.