Developing an SMS intervention for the prevention of underage drinking: Results from focus groups

Abstract: Background: There is growing evidence that text messaging-“short message service” (SMS)-is useful for health promotion and behavior change. SMS has become a preferred channel of communication among adolescents. Despite burgeoning interest, there remains a critical need for formative research regarding developmentally and culturally appropriate SMS-based health promotion with teenagers.

Lesbians over 60: Newer every day

Abstract: An overview of current research on older lesbians is provided in this chapter drawing primarily from the research carried out in the USA. Topics include: (a) the “visibility” of older lesbians; (b) theories of lifespan development; (c) research on older lesbians; and (d) the impact of social contexts on lesbians over 60, such as personal relationships, minority stress and resilience, and race, ethnicity, and social class. In addition, the status of lesbian rights in other parts of the world and its impact on older lesbians is reviewed. Directions for future research on older lesbians are also explored.

Factors associated with alcohol use among minority female adolescents receiving preventive text messaging for underage drinking

Abstract: Recent reports on alcohol use among adolescents have shown elevated prevalence of lifetime (50.0%), past year (44.3%) and pastmonth (25.9%) use among high school students. Rates are especially high among Hispanic youths as compared to other racial/ethnic groups. This emphasizes the need for developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive alcohol use interventions that can reach a large number of teens.

Alcohol and drug use among postoperative bariatric patients: A systematic review of the emerging research and its implications

Abstract: Emerging research suggests that some bariatric surgery patients are at a heightened risk for developing substance use problems, especially alcohol use problems. An exhaustive literature review was conducted in January 2015 to investigate all articles published that included data on postoperative alcohol use, alcohol use disorders, and illicit drug use among bariatric surgery patients.

Pathways to drinking among Hispanic/Latino adolescents: Perceived discrimination, ethnic identity, and peer affiliations

Abstract: We examined whether discrimination experienced by Hispanic/Latino adolescents is associated (a) directly with adolescent alcohol use or (b) indirectly with adolescent alcohol use via mediation by ethnic identity and/or peer associations.

Comparison of prognostic factors between Hispanic and non-Hispanic adolescents with eating disorders

Abstract: Purpose: The primary aim of this study was to evaluate prognostic factors among Hispanic adolescents with eating disorders (ED) and compare them to those of non-Hispanic adolescents to inform our treatment approach.