Revisiting drug progression: Long-range effects of early tobacco use

Abstract: Drug progression models have been a cornerstone of scientific and public policy discussions for decades. These models have been criticized for their lack of causal mechanisms leading to drug dependence. Future research should focus on identification of pathways and covariates.

Developmental considerations for substance use interventions from middle school through college

Abstract: This article summarizes a symposium organized by Dr. Elizabeth D’Amico and presented at the 2004 Annual Meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism in Vancouver, Canada. The four presentations illustrate the importance of creating substance use interventions that are developmentally appropriate for youth.

Iatrogenic effects of group treatments on adolescents with conduct and substance use problems: A review of the literature and a presentation of a model

Abstract: Group therapy is the most popular approach in the treatment of adolescent substance use problems. Recently, concerns have mounted about possible iatrogenic effects of group therapy based on studies on adolescents with conduct disorder.

Implementing school-based substance abuse interventions: Methodological dilemmas and recommended solutions

Abstract: To review current knowledge about the most effective school-based interventions for child and adolescent problems, and to present dilemmas and potential solutions in mounting and evaluating school-based interventions for adolescent alcohol and other drug (AOD) use problems.